Check holiday lists twice for dangerous children’s toys

Many people are looking forward to nabbing deals and getting a head start on their holiday shopping next week on Black Friday. Before heading out shopping for any children’s toys, Philadelphia area residents may want to do a bit of research – not only on prices, but also on safety.

Unfortunately, a number of children’s toys that are on the market today are very dangerous. In fact, last year 265,000 children received medical treatment for injuries that were caused by toys, according to a news report.

The Empire State Consumer Project is one organization that releases a report of dangerous toys each year, and this year it is telling parents to avoid giving their children small magnets, which can create a swallowing and choking risk. It is also warning parents about dangerous aerosol products, balloons, and children’s jewelry that may contain harmful chemicals.

Unfortunately, even when parents do research and attempt to keep their kids away from any dangerous toys, children can still end up being harmed by defective toys.

When a child is harmed due to a product that is defective or dangerous, it can be wise for parents to seek legal counsel. In many cases, it is possible to obtain compensation for injuries and losses related to harmful children’s products by filing a products liability claim. Such lawsuits can also help get dangerous toys off of the shelves before they harm additional children.

Under products liability law in Pennsylvania, the manufacturers of consumer products are required to design and test all of their products for safety. When they fail to do so, they can be held accountable.

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