What Caused the Amtrak Derailment?

Photo of Amtrak trainEarlier it was reported that the Philadelphia District Attorney would not be seeking charges against the engineer involved in the 2015 Amtrak Train No. 188 derailment. However, following that announcement, the Pennsylvania Attorney General stepped in and filed charges against the engineer for his role in causing the deadly Amtrak derailment.

As we discussed in a prior blog post about the Amtrak Train No. 188 crash, the engineer, Brandon Bostian, was reportedly traveling 106 mph in a 50-mph zone prior to the wreck. According to a report in the Philadelphia Business Journal, Bostian is facing charges for involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and causing/risking a catastrophe.

Our Law Firm Helped Secure the Historic $265 Million Amtrak Derailment Settlement

Eisenberg Rothweiler Winkler Eisenberg & Jeck’s Fred Eisenberg and Todd Schoenhaus were part of the Plaintiffs’ Management Committee (PMC) appointed by the court in the Amtrak Train No. 188 derailment multidistrict litigation (MDL). The PMC secured a $265 million settlement for victims of the Amtrak derailment and their families, which is the largest railroad accident settlement in US history.

In the video below, firm partner Fred Eisenberg is featured in a CBS 3 report on the $265 million Amtrak train crash settlement.

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