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Honda Recalls 1.15 Million 2013-2016 Accord Vehicles in the U.S. for Fire Risk

A Honda recall has been issued for 1.15 million Accord vehicles sold in the United States. According to Honda, the 12-volt battery sensors used in 2013-2016 Honda Accords may cause engine fires. Honda claims the sensors are not sufficiently sealed against moisture. Over time, this moisture can attract conductive and corrosive substances like road salt. Once these substances enter the battery sensor, they can cause corrosion and electrical shorts that may lead to fires. Honda has already received four reports of engine fires in the United States. As of now, there are no reports of injuries caused by the issue. Honda only recently announced the recall, so you may not have received a notice yet. If your vehicle is affected by the recall, you can take it to your local Honda dealership to receive free repairs. Due to the size of the recall, Honda has instructed dealerships to apply a…
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Did Depakote Cause My Child’s Birth Defect?

Almost 700 lawsuits have been filed against the AbbVie Inc., the manufacturer of Depakote, a valproic acid drug commonly prescribed to treat bipolar disorder and epilepsy. Depakote was introduced in 1983 by Abbot Laboratories as an anti-seizure medication. In 2013, the company spun off into AbbVie. Many of these lawsuits were filed by mothers who took the drug during early pregnancy and conceived children with birth defects, such as spina bifida. The plaintiffs claim they were not warned of potential birth defects. A 2010 study published by the New England Journal of Medicine found women taking Depakote during the first trimester are 12 times more likely to give birth to a child with spina bifida than women who are not taking the drug. Spina bifida is a condition where the spinal column fails to close during fetal development. The study also found an increased risk of cleft palate, abnormal skull…
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Can the CFPB’s Rule on Arbitration Agreements Be Saved?

Last year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed a new rule that would have prevented financial institutions from using forced arbitration clauses to block consumers from filing class-action lawsuits. Forced arbitration clauses, which are often hidden within lengthy and complicated financial services contracts, keep consumers from filing class-action lawsuits when they have been defrauded by these businesses. Consumers can file individual lawsuits against financial services providers, but the amount in damages is rarely worth the time or effort. As a result, financial services providers are free to continue these business practices without being held accountable. For example, Wells Fargo used arbitration clauses to its advantage after it opened two million accounts for customers without their permission. Payday lenders, who sometimes charge customers 700 percent interest rates, have also used forced arbitration clauses in their contracts to avoid class-action lawsuits. After the CFPB released a finalized version of its rule,…
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Can Soccer Goal Posts Injure Children?

Tip-over accidents involving portable soccer goals are responsible for an estimated 200 injuries and one death each year. Many soccer goal accidents involve young children and teenagers. People responsible for supervising child athletes may assume these goal posts cannot tip over because they weigh hundreds of pounds. However, soccer goals are top-heavy objects that can be tipped over by strong gusts of wind. According to Anchored for Safety, an advocacy organization for soccer goal safety awareness, most cases involve children suffering catastrophic injuries or death caused by blunt-force trauma to the head, neck, chest or limbs. Anchored for Safety has gathered statistics on deaths and injuries caused by goal post tip-over accidents. Deaths and injuries have occurred while children were playing on the goals. Other cases involve strong gusts of wind knocking over goal posts. In addition, injuries and deaths have occurred while goal posts were being moved. Can I…
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Could I Lose a Limb If My Doctor Fails to Diagnose Cancer?

In late May, WVLT-TV reported on the story of a Tennessee woman whose doctor failed to diagnose cancer in her foot. Reportedly, the woman is urging anyone who has a lump or any type of medical issue that they suspect could be serious to have it checked out and always get a second opinion. After she had a doctor check out her foot, he said she had a cyst. However, when the problem persisted, she sought a second opinion and was diagnosed with Epithelioid Sarcoma, which is a rare cancer. By the time the second opinion revealed that her first doctor had misdiagnosed her, the cancer had begun spreading from her foot. Despite having her leg amputated, the cancer spread to her brain and lungs. She was given a life expectancy of two to three days. Upon receiving the news, the woman made plans to marry the father of her…
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Is It Dangerous to Drive a Hyundai Santa Fe?

United Press International (UPI) reported on two recalls involving South Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai. The larger of the two recalls concerns the Hyundai Santa Fe, the automaker’s popular Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). That recall includes 437,400 2013-2017 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport SUVs. The Santa Fe SUVs were recalled, because the secondary hood latch on the vehicles can corrode and bind, which can lead to them failing to latch when the hood is closed. If the secondary latch is unlatched while the hood is closed and the primary latch is accidentally released, the hood on the Santa Fe SUV could fly open while the vehicle is moving. So far, there have been no injuries or accidents reported as a result of the hood latch issue. The other Hyundai recall affects over 160,000 of Hyundai’s 2015-2016 Genesis and Sonata models. The vehicles were recalled, because there’s a risk of their…
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What If My Doctor Failed to Diagnose Colon Cancer?

Fox 4, a Fox affiliate in Beaumont, Texas recently featured a story involving a colon cancer misdiagnosis where a doctor mistakenly diagnosed cancer as hemorrhoids. The story was part of an investigation Fox 4 was conducting on how colon cancer is impacting the younger generation. The woman whose colon cancer was misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids is only 27 years old. In the year leading up to her cancer misdiagnosis, the woman told Fox 4 that she had been noticing blood in her stool and was suffering extreme intestinal pain. After a year of experiencing these symptoms, she went to the doctor. The woman was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids. However, the pain continued for several months. The woman returned to the doctor and was eventually diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. According to the Fox 4 report, the woman said that the reason her doctor misdiagnosed her was because of her age….
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Eisenberg Rothweiler Take on Richard Ferretti Shooting and Join Fight Against Police Brutality

After awaiting answers for over a year, the family of police shooting victim Richard Ferretti recently filed a lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia and three police officers for the wrongful shooting death of Richard last May. Eisenberg Rothweiler Winkler Eisenberg & Jeck attorneys Ken Rothweiler and Todd Schoenhaus are representing the Ferretti family in the lawsuit. We first began covering the Richard Ferretti police shooting on our blog in November and continue to provide updates as the situation unfolds, including a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article on where things stand in the Ferretti shooting investigation one year later. Why Did Police Shoot an Unarmed Man While He Was Looking for a Parking? On the night Richard Ferretti was shot and killed, he had reportedly gone out to the gas station in his minivan to get gas for another car he and his girlfriend shared, which had run out of gas….
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How Did Eight Doctors Fail to Diagnose a Mother’s Breast Cancer?

How could eight doctors handle the same woman’s case and each fail to diagnose breast cancer? That is what a judge in Florida was asking recently when he ruled in favor of a woman in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving cancer misdiagnosis. The single mother of two will recover $21.6 million as a result of the verdict. However, that money will be for her children. Her cancer was not caught in time for treatment to cure it, meaning radiation therapy that she continues to undergo is just so she can try to survive another day for her children. Over the course of a year, the woman, who is a former emergency room nurse, underwent several mammograms and ultrasounds after noticing breast abnormalities. Since the woman was breastfeeding at the time, there was confusion about whether she had cancer or mastitis, which is a type of breast infection. Mastitis and certain forms…
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How Marilu Henner Saved Her Husband’s Life After a Bladder Cancer Misdiagnosis

When Marilu Henner’s husband, Michael Brown, began showing signs of bladder cancer, despite his doctor claiming it was not serious, she pushed him to get a second opinion. The second opinion revealed what Michael’s doctor had missed, which is that he had a life-threatening form of bladder cancer. Thankfully, Michael’s bladder cancer was treatable and he has been in remission for 14 years. However, what if Marilu had not pushed him to get a second opinion? Would he still have discovered that he was a victim of bladder cancer misdiagnosis in time to receive the treatment that saved his life? Henner and her husband’s story was recounted in People recently. In 2003, the two took a trip together. When Henner went to the bathroom in their hotel room to fix her hair, she noticed a faint trail of blood in the toilet. She asked Brown about it, and he told…
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