Caregivers Guilty of Abusing Elderly Woman in Nursing Home

Many elderly people living in nursing homes are among the most vulnerable people. They trust their Philadelphia caregivers with their lives. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the situation and commit elder abuse, preying on individuals who cannot defend themselves. As one recent case reminds us, it is important for family members to be vigilant regarding the treatment of their loved ones.

A 93-year-old woman living in a nursing home suffered physical abuse by the hands of two of her caregivers, one 29 years old and the other 68. According to prosecutors, the 68-year-old threw or tossed the woman onto her bed on five occasions, bent her toes backward and hit her in the face with a remote control. The 29-year-old hit her in the face and mouth, ripped off her shirt and threw it at her and even picked her up out of her wheelchair and threw her onto her bed.

These instances of abuse were captured on video after the elderly woman’s son hid a camera in her room because he suspected his mother was being mistreated. The evidence helped garner convictions of vulnerable adult abuse for both caregivers, the younger of whom received probation and will have to pay more than $3,000 in restitution. The 68-year-old will serve 60 days in jail and was sentenced to probation.

The woman’s son said his mother did not remember what happened to her, and he noted he was extremely sad for her. However, he was glad that the caregivers were brought to justice. Anyone who has suffered as a result of nursing home abuse should consult with an attorney who can help pursue a malpractice claim, garnering the compensation they deserve for damages such as pain and suffering.

Source: Tucson News Now, “Elderly abuse at Tucson care home caught on camera,” Dan Marries, Dec. 23, 2013

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