Car Slams Into Parked SUV in Philadelphia, Just Missing Owner

Despite the repeated warnings about the dangers of drinking and driving, there are still those drivers who do it in Philadelphia. Many think they are fine to drive and do not realize that even a small amount of alcohol can impair their driving ability.

Drunken driving may have been the cause of a car accident that occurred recently in Philadelphia. Witnesses report that following the accident, the driver went back to the car to get a bottle of vodka so he could dispose of it, supposedly so authorities would not find it. He was also seen tossing something out alongside the roadway.

The accident occurred just before 1 a.m. when a car that witnesses estimate was going around 45 mph slammed into another car after running a stop sign. The car then hit into an SUV that was parked just outside of Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia. The driver left the scene of the accident where his two passengers were injured. They both required hospitalization.

The crash could have been much worse had a customer at Pat’s not gotten up from his table seconds before. The man said that he had been sitting at the table the car hit before slamming into the SUV. Since his back would have been to the street, he would not have been able to get out of the way in time.

The customer is also the owner of the SUV that the out-of-control driver crashed into. He may wish to speak with an attorney regarding proper compensation for the damages done to his vehicle.

Source: CBS Philly, “Car Accident Outside Pat’s King Of Steaks Narrowly Misses Customer,” Jim Melwert and Jenn Bernstein, Sep. 10, 2013

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