Car accidents cost a woman her leg and later her life

NBC 10 Philadelphia reports that careless driving has affected a woman’s life not one time but multiple times. And this second time was fatal for the already disabled woman. It’s an ugly story with a tragic, frustrating ending.

When someone causes a car accident or hits a pedestrian, it is his ethical and legal duty to stop to help. More than one driver failed to live up to those expectations on Tuesday after a Delaware woman was hit by three drivers who all didn’t stop to help or report the pedestrian accident.

The accident victim in this situation was an older woman who used a wheelchair to get around. The reason why she spent the past 25 years in a wheelchair is what adds to the tragedy and frustration of this story.

Tuesday’s hit-and-run accidents were not the victim’s first experience with such carelessness. She wound up limited to a wheelchair due to being the victim of another hit-and-run decades ago.

NBC 10 Philadelphia doesn’t indicate whether the identity of the past driver was ever found or if the victim pursued personal injury charges against him due to her catastrophic injury of losing her leg.

The investigation into the most recent incident is ongoing, but officials and the entire Delaware community are passionately hoping to identify at least one of the three negligent drivers responsible for the victim’s loss of life.

According to reports, the victim is survived by at least one son, whom she lived with at the time of her untimely death.


NBC 10 Philadelphia: “Woman Hit by 3 Cars Was in Wheelchair Because of Prior Hit-and-Run,” Teresa Masterson, Jan. 4, 2011

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