Car Accident Victim Regresses When Moved to Nursing Home

Nursing home neglect is a very unfortunate and uncomfortable reality. However, it is not simply the elderly that can suffer at the hands of this abuse. There are instances in which individuals that suffer traumatic brain injuries, very often stemming from serious car accidents, will be confined to a nursing home and suffer neglect because they are dependent on state assistance when their families can no longer afford the victim’s long-term care and the insurance coverage runs out.

Unfortunately, nursing home facilities are developed for the care of geriatric residents. Individuals with brain injuries require different treatment, monitoring and interaction — most of which are not received in nursing homes.

One brain injury victim that was transferred by Medicaid from a rehabilitation center to a nursing home very quickly regressed, to the point of losing his ability to speak, when he stopped receiving the treatment and attention he needed to sustain any sort of recovery.

Unfortunately, the current system in place is just not equipped to handle these victims. What can a victim or their families do if they find themselves in such circumstances in Philadelphia. If the root of the brain injury was caused from a car accident or other happening that was the fault of a negligent party, the victim could pursue financial remuneration through a personal injury claim.

A successful claim in the face of negligence could mean that the victim is awarded compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering. In many instances of traumatic brain injuries, this means that the victim is able to afford the care they need to not only sustain life, but even continue to make improvements toward recovering in some capacity again. An experienced personal injury attorney can greatly aid victims in such pursuits.

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