Car Accident Victim Has Spine Ripped From Skull, Survives

Our culture has become so desensitized to car accidents that if someone doesn’t die in a crash, it barely makes the news. In the event that a crash does make the news, it is primarily focused on the traffic delays that resulted. One young woman, just 22 years old, was the victim of an absolutely horrific out-of-state car accident in which she suffered from an internal decapitation.

The crash resulted in the 22-year-old sustaining a spinal cord injury in which her entire spine was ripped from her skull in the collision. This means that her head was still attached to her body, but it was only held in place by the muscles and tissues. Few people ever survive an injury of this magnitude. But this young woman was a fighter.

After extensive surgeries required for reattaching her spine, the woman has remarkably lived to tell the tale of her survival. After relearning the ability to walk and talk, the 22-year-old was given the opportunity to thank the fire fights that responded to her crash scene and saved her life.

It is remarkable this survivor is breathing, much less walking and talking. It goes without saying that an injury of this magnitude will completely alter the course of an individual’s life. It could mean that a victim can never walk or take care of themselves again, much less go on to have a career, start a family and do the things that people fortunate enough to have never been touched by an accident take for granted.

If a car accident victim in Philadelphia suffers a spinal cord injury due to the negligent actions of another, the victim could chose to hold the negligent party liable. Doing so could yield monetary compensation which could work to cover the astronomical expenses associated with the recovery and long term care that comes along with a catastrophic injury.

Source: Catholic Online, “Young woman amazingly survives horrific internal beheading,” Sept. 26, 2012

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