Brain injuries can be expensive to treat — even for the NFL

Many Pennsylvania residents understand how important the human brain is in everyday life. It controls nearly every other part of the human body. However, a skull can only provide so much protection against injuries. Therefore, in dangerous car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and other dangerous situations a hard hit to the head can cause serious traumatic brain injury.

Few people understand the effects of a brain injury better than former professional football players. Many former players have suffered for years following the brain injuries suffered while playing the game.

In fact, brain injuries often take years to heal — if they heal at all. People who suffer brain injuries can deal with the effects for years to come. The costs of treating brain injuries is substantial. While science is making leaps towards prevention of brain injuries and treatments, more research is still needed before many traumatic brain injury victims can return to normal life.

A recent case involving NFL players shows just how costly treating brain injuries can be. In this case, a judge has rejected a settlement between former players and the football league over fears that the money allotted to former players — $765 million — won’t actually be enough to meet the needs of the players suffering from brain injuries. In order to approve this settlement, the judge wants more proof that this is enough money to compensate players over the life of the settlement. Others worry that the settlement does not address the needs of everyone suffering from brain injuries as a result of playing professional football.

Just like these football players, those suffering from brain injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence will have financial concerns. They can have medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages. Through a personal injury suit, those injured by the negligence of another can seek compensation for these injuries so that they can focus on their recovery instead of their pocketbook.

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