Both drivers sued in crash that injured pair of Philadelphia kids

Those traveling as passengers in vehicles on Philadelphia’s roads have little to no control over what may happen to them during their travels. Unfortunately, they are just as subject to injury and death as drivers are in the event of a car accident. Their lack of control in avoiding those accidents in which they are involved may prompt them to seek compensation from those who were responsible. In accidents involving multiple vehicles, it may be difficult for passengers to accurately identify who was at fault. Was it the driver of the car they were traveling in or other drivers in involved in the accident? For some, the answer is simple: both.

That’s what the parents of two Philadelphia kids are saying in a lawsuit filed after the kids were involved in a two-car collision. The parents allege that neither the driver of the car that the kids were traveling nor the driver of the car that struck them were paying adequate attention to the road at the time of the accident. As result, both kids were left with injuries that have dramatically impacted their overall quality of life.

Most accident cases center around how the negligence of one driver impacted the life of another. Yet proving such negligence can often be difficult. Imagine how much that difficulty is compounded if one is trying to prove such negligence on the part of two drivers. Such an endeavor may prove to be impossible without the assistance of one familiar with the legal policies and precedents governing traffic accidents. A personal injury attorney may just be the one to provide that sort of assistance.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record “Suit filed against FBI agent involved in car accident” Aug. 08, 2014

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