What Have the Documents Revealed About Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder?

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New information has been released that highlights the relationship between talc, heavy metals, asbestos and cancer. This news continues to circulate as more ovarian cancer victims use the legal system in order to question Johnson & Johnson about their talcum powder products and hold Johnson & Johnson accountable.

These documents have provided more information on how extensive the amount of asbestos and heavy metals is in the talc used in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. The talc, asbestos and heavy metals all increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

Women suffering from ovarian cancer with lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson argue that Johnson & Johnson did not provide and warning labels on their products containing talc, despite being aware for years that talcum powder has been linked to ovarian cancer.

What Have Previous Lawsuits Revealed About the Link Between Talc and Cancer?

  • In 1997, an expert in toxicology revealed to Johnson & Johnson that at least nine studies had proven a significant ovarian cancer risk for women that were using talc powder.
  • In May 2017, a woman whose ovarian tissue contained asbestos and heavy metals had a researcher testify on her behalf that Johnson & Johnson had requested his lab to test talc samples for contamination containing asbestos. The jury returned a $110 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson and its talc supplier when the samples tested positive for

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