IIHS Releases Report on Pickup Truck Crash Ratings

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has important news for pickup truck owners. Multiple pickup models with older designs could put front seat passengers at severe risk of serious harm in a collision. According to IIHS, these models were designed in a way that did not emphasize the same level of safety that models with modern designs provide. IIHS crash-tested the vehicles from multiple angles and then issued ratings based on the results.

Vehicles with poor pickup truck crash ratings may be new models, but they contain older designs. Some of these vehicles kept the same designs for well over a decade. For instance, the Toyota Tundra’s basic design dates back to 2007. Consumer Reports claims the Nissan Frontier has not changed its basic design since 2005. The Toyota Tundra received the lowest possible rating from IIHS. Newer pickup trucks emphasize safety for front seat passengers.

According to its website, IIHS is a research-oriented nonprofit dedicated to improving auto safety and reducing crashes.

How to Pick a Safe Vehicle

You should always perform your own research before purchasing a vehicle. While pricing and features are important, you should also research crash test data to determine whether your vehicle would be safe during a collision.

IIHS is only one of several organizations or agencies that crash tests vehicles for research purposes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also performs crash tests on vehicles. You can visit NHTSA’s site to check vehicle ratings before purchasing a vehicle. Look for vehicles with a 5-Star Safety Rating. This is the highest possible rating. Consumer Reports also uses crash test data to determine the overall safety of vehicles.

You can use IIHS, NHTSA and Consumer Reports to make an educated and safe purchase. However, do not forget to check the recall status of vehicles if you are buying a used car. Pennsylvania used car dealerships may sell vehicles with dangerous defects. You can use NHTSA’s website to determine the recall status of your vehicle. Simply type your VIN (vehicle identification number) into NHTSA’s search toolCARFAX reports may also help you determine the history and safety of a vehicle before making a purchase.

Filing an Auto Defect Lawsuit

Auto manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers must ensure their products are safe for consumers. In instances where consumers suffer injuries or death due to defects, there may be options to file lawsuits for damages. Vehicle defect lawsuits may provide compensation for medical bills, lost income, funeral expenses and home modifications. It may also be possible to recover pain and suffering damages.

You should consider speaking with a Philadelphia car defect lawyer to determine whether you can pursue compensation against a manufacturer or other parties. Call us at (215) 546-6636 or use our online case review form to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. You can learn more about our law firm’s experience with auto defect cases by visiting our website.

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