Hyundai and Kia Recall

In February 2022, auto manufacturers Hyundai and Kia recalled nearly 500,000 cars due to a concerning mechanical defect. According to CNN, some cars and SUVs have reportedly caught fire due to this defect, even when the vehicle is not on. They also warned any motorists who purchased the recalled vehicles to park their vehicles in an outdoor area away from any buildings that could be affected by a potential fire. 

Reason for the Recall

The reason for the recent vehicle recall, according to Kia and Hyundai, is because of “foreign contaminants” located inside the anti-lock braking control computer module. According to the automakers, these contaminants can cause the control module to short circuit. The short circuit could lead to a fire in the vehicle’s engine. 

Which Models Are Involved in the Recall?

While they operate as separate entities in the United States, Hyundai is the parent company for Kia. They share certain designs, including their anti-lock braking system. 

The Hyundai recall includes 357,830 vehicles. The NHTSA recall number for Hyundai is 22VO56. Hyundai’s recall number is 218. Models include: 

  • 2014-2015 Tucson SUVs
  • 2016-2018 Santa Fe SUVs without Smart Cruise Control
  • 2017-2018 Santa Fe Sport SUVs without Smart Cruise Control
  • 2019 Santa Fe XL SUVs without Smart Cruise Control

The Kia recall includes 126,747 vehicles. The NHTSA recall number for Kia vehicles is 22VO51. Kia’s recall number is SC227. Models include: 

  • 2014-2016 Kia Sportage SUVs
  • 2016-2018 Kia K900 sedans

To learn more about how your Hyundai or Kia vehicle might be affected by the recalls, you can visit the recall sites for both Hyundai and Kia and input the required information.

What You Can Do

If your vehicle is included in the 2022 vehicle recall, you should visit your car dealer at your earliest convenience. Your dealer will inspect your anti-lock brake system control module. Based on their assessment, they can decide to replace it, free of charge. Your dealer will also replace the fuse that conducts electric current to the control module for free. The new fuse will decrease the amount of electricity flowing into the control unit. 

If you were injured in an accident or fire that was caused by the defective control module, you could be entitled to compensation. Product manufacturers, including automakers, have an obligation to design, build, and test products to ensure they are safe to use. If the auto manufacturer was negligent during any stage of the design and manufacturing process, they can be held legally responsible for any losses you suffered through a product liability claim.

Contact a Hyundai and Kia Recall Lawyer

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