Honda Recalls 1.15 Million 2013-2016 Accord Vehicles in the U.S. for Fire Risk

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A Honda recall has been issued for 1.15 million Accord vehicles sold in the United States. According to Honda, the 12-volt battery sensors used in 2013-2016 Honda Accords may cause engine fires. Honda claims the sensors are not sufficiently sealed against moisture. Over time, this moisture can attract conductive and corrosive substances like road salt. Once these substances enter the battery sensor, they can cause corrosion and electrical shorts that may lead to fires.

Honda has already received four reports of engine fires in the United States. As of now, there are no reports of injuries caused by the issue.

Honda only recently announced the recall, so you may not have received a notice yet. If your vehicle is affected by the recall, you can take it to your local Honda dealership to receive free repairs. Due to the size of the recall, Honda has instructed dealerships to apply a temporary fix until it can replace the sensors.

If you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, you are at greater risk of being harmed by this defect. Both states reside in the “Salt Belt”, an area of the country where large amounts of salt are applied to roads during the winter months.

Can I File an Auto Defect Lawsuit?

Automakers are legally obligated to ensure their vehicles do not contain dangerous defects. If you or a loved one has been harmed by this defect, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit against Honda and other parties. Damages from a product liability lawsuit can help pay for costs associated with medical treatments, home modifications, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

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