NHTSA Opens Probe into Honda Accord Steering Issue

Honda Accord Steering IssueHonda Accord Steering Issue

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened a formal investigation into possible Honda Accord steering problems after receiving several complaints that the popular vehicle may have steering issues that could impact more than 1.1 million vehicles. The problem can cause drivers to suddenly lose control of their vehicle, which can potentially result in serious injuries or death.

This is not the first time that Eisenberg Rothweiler Winkler Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. has come across a serious defect in a Honda vehicle that puts occupants in danger. We represented a client whose seatbelt failed to prevent his head from striking the vehicle’s roof when his vehicle rolled over, rendering our client a quadriplegic. Our investigation uncovered that Honda was aware of the defect, but it failed to redesign the seatbelt or issue a warning to the public. We were able to secure a $55.3 million verdict for our client. The current probe could reveal that Honda is continuing to take safety shortcuts with its vehicles.

Here is what we know about the current Honda steering issues:

Honda Accord Steering Complaints 

The NHTSA reported that it was launching an investigation into Honda after the agency and Honda received 107 reports of Honda steering problems. The complaints allege that drivers can lose steering control while driving under normal conditions.

The NHTSA opened the probe after receiving a petition from a Honda Accord owner in October 2020 to formally investigate the vehicle  for the steering defect. The owner said that his vehicle would turn to the right or left of “its own volition.” He reported that mechanics at a Honda dealership were unable to find a digital trouble code for the problem, so the vehicle was not covered under an extended warranty agreement for power steering column failures. He wrote that there were currently 224 complaints in the VOQ database regarding the problem. One such complaint involved an owner who said that they were driving down a small hill when their Accord suddenly veered to the left. The driver couldn’t control the car, which crossed several lanes of traffic and hit a building, causing injuries to the driver and a passenger.

The Center for Auto Safety received a copy of the petition. Its executive director supported the NHTSA in undertaking a complete analysis of the situation and determining if a recall is necessary. 

What Model Years Are Impacted?

The probe covers 1,120,470 Honda Accords in the United States. Only Accords from the 2013 through 2015 model years are involved. The NHTSA is investigating how common the problem is, which vehicles are affected, and the potential safety risks of the problem. The probe could eventually lead to a recall of affected vehicles if the federal safety agency finds it is justified. 

What Injuries Have Been Reported?

Two crashes and two injuries have been reported. No deaths have currently been reported.

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