Investigations into Takata Seat Belts

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Millions of people may be riding around in vehicles equipped with faulty seat belts, according to Joyson Safety Systems, the Chinese automotive supplier that bought the Japanese company, Takata. Takata went bankrupt in 2017 and is widely known for manufacturing defective airbags that led to injuries and deaths in the United States.

Joyson Safety Systems is analyzing more than 20 years of testing data regarding Takata seat belts. It has reported inconsistencies and inaccuracies, leading the company to believe that Takata likely purposely fudged the numbers. Regulators in Japan have started a probe and have told auto companies to prepare for recalls, news reports indicate.

The impact of the recalls could be drastic if the seatbelts are shown to be unsafe. Takata provided seatbelt webbing for up to 40% of cars produced in Japan and 30% of cars produced globally.

It’s unclear how many vehicles could be subject to potential recalls. As the airbag scandal played out, Takata was hit with numerous lawsuits and criminal investigations. In February 2017, Takata agreed to pay a $1 billion fine to settle a U.S. investigation. Four months later, it filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. and Japan.

Joyson Safety Systems, the Chinese firm that took over, has been analyzing data covering tests conducted at the old seat belt plant Takata operated in Hikone, Japan. It has uncovered evidence that indicated the company altered results when the seat belt webbing made there did not meet legal standards.

Takata’s History with Faulty Safety Systems

Takata was once among the largest and most respected suppliers of vehicular safety systems. The company’s fall began in 2014 when it was found that its airbags could malfunction over time. More specifically, the devices used to fill the bags with air could explode, sending plastic and metal debris flying inside the car. It was then found that company managers were aware of this defect and attempted to cover it up.

Takata’s faulty airbags have been linked to hundreds of injuries and even some fatalities. Honda recently reported that 17 deaths had been tied to the faulty airbags. There are about 70 million defective inflators in the U.S., and automakers continue to repair millions of vehicles that had defective airbags.

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