Did J&J Knowingly Hide Cancer-Causing Asbestos from Consumers?

For years, women have been using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder as a trusted feminine hygiene product. Many of these women are now fighting ovarian cancer. Based on scientific studies, they believe talcum powder marketed for use by mothers and their babies is to blame.

According to a Reuters report, Johnson & Johnson was aware its baby powder contained asbestos and talc which are carcinogenic. Yet, the company did not disclose this knowledge to consumers or regulators. Information revealed during recent trials shows J&J products tested positive for the carcinogens as early as the late 1950s. During this time, they continued to refute research on the powder’s contamination and cancer causing ingredients

Thousands of Women Want Answers

Documents continue to emerge showing that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder contains talc and asbestos which have both been linked to cancer. This summer, 22 women with ovarian cancer took a stand against the company. The lawsuit claimed that Johnson & Johnson knew that its talc was laced with asbestos. In one of the largest personal injury verdicts ever, a Missouri judge awarded them $4.69 billion.

The Missouri case brings hope to more than 11,000 plaintiffs who have come forward. Attorneys representing those affected feel positive about the future. Key documents have been uncovered which show that Johnson & Johnson has tried to withhold and conceal information from consumers about the cancer-causing ingredients in its powder. Attorneys representing women who have suffered injury as a result of the asbestos and talc in Johnson & Johnson baby powder are fighting back.

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