CarMax Accused of Selling Used Vehicles with Open Safety Recalls

An investigation conducted by three consumer safety agencies has discovered CarMax is selling recalled vehicles with unrepaired defects. CarMax has 185 used car lots across the country, three of which are located in Pennsylvania.

The Center for Auto Safety, the CARS Foundation and the MASSPIRG Education Fund analyzed 1,699 vehicles that were listed for sale at eight CarMax dealerships in three states. According to the results of the study, 461 of the vehicles were under recall and contained unrepaired safety defects. If the study is correct, then one in four CarMax vehicles are under recall and in need of repairs.

The report, appropriately named Used Car Roulette, found that 19 CarMax vehicles contained three or more defects. A GMC Sierra mentioned in the report had six unrepaired defects. The defects in the GMC Sierra are linked to fires, a loss of power steering and seatback failures. Forty-five of the vehicles assessed in the report contained deadly Takata airbags.

CarMax criticized the study by claiming it informs customers of recalls. At the same time, CarMax advertises its vehicles as “safe.” As a result, customers who are receiving conflicting messages may be unaware that certain defects can lead to catastrophic injuries or death.

Can I File a Lawsuit for Vehicle Defects?

Multiple parties can be named in personal injury lawsuits involving vehicle defects. In addition to manufacturers, dealerships or rental car companies can also be named in these lawsuits. Liability for injuries or deaths would depend on the circumstances. The report discussed into today’s blog mentions a 2004 lawsuit against a rental car company and Chrysler that resulted in a $15 million jury verdict.

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