Auto Recall Alert: Is It Safe to Drive a Toyota Prius?

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Per a USA Today article, in early October, there was a global recall issued for the Toyota Prius due to a dangerous brake defect. The story in USA Today revealed that Toyota had to recall over 300,000 2016 and 2017 Prius sedans, including 92,000 in the US and more than 200,000 in Japan. Models included in the recall are the Prius C, plug-in Prius Prime and Prius V.

What’s Wrong with the Brakes on the Toyota Prius?

The recalled Prius sedans are a redesigned version of the popular eco-friendly vehicles. Toyota began receiving reports about car accidents, injuries and fatalities associated the alleged auto defect. A spokesperson for Toyota said that the crashes, injuries and deaths tied to the Prius sedan’s brake problems were reported to several different organizations.

The issue with the Prius sedans that led to the recall involves the parking brake on the vehicles. Reportedly, the parking brakes can stop working. This is a dangerous issue because if the driver exits the vehicle with the ignition on and it’s in any other gear than ‘Park’, the Prius could roll away. Without a driver, the Prius could collide with objects or even people, leading to property damage, catastrophic injuries and even death.

Toyota plans to repair the issue by adding clips to the dust boots on the vehicle’s brake cables, which were installed with a tension cable that can become detached. The automaker said this would prevent the brake cables from detaching from the brake calipers, which is the reason why the parking brakes can become inoperative at times. Prius owners should receive notice of the recall and be able to have their car repaired at a Toyota dealership for free starting in November.