Stewart Eisenberg Discusses Whether Amazon Can Be Liable for Selling Defective Products

personal injury lawyer Stewart J Eisenberg thumbpersonal injury lawyer Stewart J Eisenberg thumb

Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck shareholder Stewart Eisenberg participated in a virtual personal injury law seminar on December 8 during which he presented on whether Amazon can be held liable by people who are injured by allegedly defective products it sold them.

The seminar, The Dispute Resolution Institute’s annual “Personal Injury Practicum,” covered a number of topics important to personal injury lawyers, including case updates and practicing law remotely during COVID-19.

“Whether Amazon and other online retailers can be legally liable for injuries caused by the defective products they sell is a relatively new legal question that has yet to be answered definitively in Pennsylvania or across the United States,” said Stewart. “At this point in time, if someone was injured by a product they purchased from Amazon, I recommend they speak with a lawyer they trust about whether they should pursue legal action against Amazon regarding their injuries.”