Beware: One ‘Build-A-Bear’ product is hazardous

The Teddy Bear is the classic toy. Getting one is sort of a rite of passage for a child, and the Build-A-Bear Workshop company has made getting a bear a special experience for kids and their families.

Not only does a child get a bear, but she gets to go into what seems like a toy workshop to make the exact bear that she wants. She chooses the bear’s clothes and even gets to give the bear a heart. But it’s not the heart that is being called the danger in what’s been announced as a defective product in the popular kids’ toy line.

According to CNN, the toy company has issued a recall for a product that’s been sold in the stores and online between April and December. It’s called the Colorful Hearts Teddy Bear, and is a product that based on the picture would draw the interest of many kids with an eye for cute and colorful.

Since April, sources report that an estimated 300,000 of the Colorful Hearts bears have been sold within the United States and Canada. The risk that the bears pose to kids is in the form of their eyes. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission confirms that the eyes can easily fall out of the bear and, therefore, be a choking hazard to young kids.

As of now, no injuries related to the bears have been reported. But if your child has been injured as a result of this bear or another child product that you believe was defective, you have potential legal routes to seek justice. Having a child get injured due to a product that is supposed to be safe is an emotional reality and can cost a family in medical bills. Suing for product liability can help a family get through the trying time.

For families who have the recalled bears, it’s suggested that they return the toys to the store and pick out a new, safe product.


CNN: “Build-A-Bear recalls nearly 300,000 teddy bears,” Dec. 28, 2011

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