Attempt at Family Visit Turns Tragic After Pennsylvania Car Crash

As the holiday season approaches, more and more drivers will take to the roadways as they head for family gatherings. Unfortunately, one family is dealing with the tragic death of its loved ones after a car crash in Pennsylvania resulted in two fatalities. Police believe that the accident may have been caused by the driver of a tractor-trailer.

In late November, a married couple was traveling to be with family in another state. Reports indicate that a tractor-trailer traveling in front of the couple either slowed or stopped. Unfortunately, police claim that the driver of another tractor-trailer that was behind the couple was unable to respond accordingly and the truck struck the rear of the couple’s vehicle.

The force of the impact pushed their vehicle into the back of the tractor-trailer in front of them. As a result, the 59-year-old female and 64-year-old male died at the scene of the accident. It is unclear at this time if the driver of the tractor-trailer will face criminal charges; however, police are likely still investigating the accident.

While the loss of a loved one is never easy, losing family at the start of the holiday season can be especially devastating. In addition to their grief, the family members of the victims of the Pennsylvania car crash will also have to cope with the expenses stemming from their deaths, including funeral costs. Fortunately for those who have lost loved ones in such a tragic manner, there are options available to help with these expenses. Experienced attorneys can help those in similar situations pursue wrongful death claims, and, if successful, they may be awarded compensation for losses stemming from the accidents.

Source:, “Pennsylvania crash kills Delmar couple,” Cathleen F. Crowley, Nov. 25, 2014