Are Goodyear G159 RV Tires Dangerous?

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating claims that Goodyear’s G159 RV tires are responsible for 95 injuries or deaths over the past two decades. NHTSA’s investigation started last year after it obtained Goodyear internal documents that were previously sealed by court orders and settlement agreements.

The investigation covers more than 40,000 G159 tires manufactured between 1996 and 2003. Goodyear stopped manufacturing G159 tires in 2003, but injury and death claims persisted for more than a decade after NHTSA said it received reports of 57 injury and death claims made between 2003 and 2015.

Why are safety advocates calling Goodyear’s G159 tires dangerous? The tires are reportedly prone to heat-induced tread separations and blowouts when they are used on motorhomes. Safety advocates argue the tires were designed for regional delivery vehicles, and not motorhomes that regularly travel at highway speeds.

Court filings show that G159 tires may have failure rates that are 10 to 27 times worse than the Firestone tires that were deemed defective by NHTSA 20 years ago. During depositions, Goodyear employees said they could not identify tires with failure rates as high as G159 tires.

Jalopnick, a press outlet that covers trending automotive news, described an accident caused by Goodyear’s G159 tires. In 2003, an Alabama man and his family crashed while driving to Florida in an RV that used Goodyear’s G159 tires. While passing through Georgia, the vehicle lost control and crashed after the tread came off a front tire. Multiple family members suffered broken bones and the driver later died from his injuries. The Jalopnick article discusses other similar motorhome accidents involving G159 tires.

Can I File a Lawsuit If Defective Tires Cause an Accident?

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