Another traumatic brain injury suffered every 15 seconds

Understanding what exactly constitutes a traumatic brain injury can be confusing. This is largely because there is a very broad spectrum of symptoms and severities in which a TBI can manifest itself in a victim. The bottom line is that some external force generally injures the brain, yielding lasting damage that can impact a combination of communication, memory, perception, judgment, motor skills and other of life-altering consequences.

Some individuals have their quality of life dramatically diminished when they are made to suffer with a TBI. Across the country, it is estimated that about every 15 seconds an additional individual has their life changed by a TBI. Car accidents are most frequently attributed as the cause of an external force that yields such tragic results.

In some instances, a Philadelphia driver that was healthy and active has their life shattered in just an instant. A drunk driver or distracted driver hits the innocent individual, robbing him or her forever of the life he or she loved. In many instances families are left to grapple with providing financial assistance and round-the-clock care for individuals incapacitate by a TBI caused by a negligent driver in Pennsylvania.

Working to shoulder this unexpected and substantial financial burden can quickly overwhelm families as they are working to cope with the trauma and changes to their loved one. The good news is that there can be financial compensation available for a TBI victim that can work to cover medical expenses, and compensate lost wages, pain and suffering. Seeking the experience of a skilled attorney can help a family ensure that their loved one has the best care and best possible quality of life following such a devastating event.

Source:, “Car accidents leading cause of traumatic brain injury,” Adam Greenberg, May 3, 2013

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