Another tour bus crash inflicts significant loss of life, injury

Last month we posted about a tour bus crash in Oregon that killed nine victims and injured 39 others after it was found that the driver had logged far more hours than was permitted under regulations. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. There was another devastating tour bus crash yesterday in California. Investigators are still working to piece together the happens and survey the damage and human toll, but initial reports indicate that at least eight, possibly 10, victims were killed and it is believed 38 more were injured, some seriously.

In this California tour bus crash, the driver of the bus survived and she reports that the bus was having break problems. This underperforming, poorly maintained bus means that an accident was all but inevitable. The bus driver reports that the breaks did not work, causing her to careen into another motor vehicle, which caused a chain-reaction and pileup in which the bus eventually flipped and came to rest across the highway.

A similar crash occurred in Boston this weekend as well when a bus carrying dozens of high school students and their chaperones crashed, injuring 35 victims. These types of accidents have impacted individuals more locally as well. Tons of residents from Pennsylvania are drawn in by cheap ticket prices and ride tour buses from Philadelphia to New York. Unfortunately, riders do not realize the substantial risk that is often present on these tour buses.

Following these crashes it is usually determined that the bus company was negligent in some manner. Either because they did not properly maintain the vehicle, they violated working hour restrictions for drivers or anything else to keep ticket prices down. The cutting of corners with regards to safety is creating a large human toll.

Until these tour buses become more regulated, safer and thereby less deadly, victims can choose to pursue financial recourse as a means of holding such busing companies liable for their disregard for the safety of passengers.

Source: CBS News, “Tour bus crash kills at least 8 in California,” Associated Press, Feb. 4, 2013

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