Another recall from Johnson & Johnson

Pharmaceuticals are manufactured on an industrial scale, making them readily available to Americans. Most of the time the drugs work safely and effectively to treat or prevent the ailments they were intended for. Sometimes, however, problems during mass manufacturing can turn pharmaceuticals of any type into dangerous drugs that can cause serious illness or even death. Even the most trusted companies have been subject to voluntary and mandatory recalls in recent years.

Johnson & Johnson is one of those companies. In 2010 J & J recalled over 90,000 metal hips because of a design defect that caused the medical devices to malfunction. This caused pain from infections, tissue loss and bone fractures. Countless lawsuits were filed as a result of the defective devices. Then came a recall of Children’s Tylenol. Not only was the amount of a key ingredient too high, but metal shavings were also found in some bottles. Another recall was issued on the same medication because of defective child-proof caps. Most recently, Johnson & Johnson issued a recall for oral contraceptives that did not release hormones into the body as it was supposed to. While this recall was limited to a particular type of birth control that was not sold in the United States, it is a sobering reminder of the magnitude of mistakes that pharmaceutical companies can make.

Those who have suffered an injury or illness and suspect it was related to a medical device, prescription drug or an over-the-counter medication that was tainted during the manufacturing process may want to consult with an attorney. If it is determined that the problem was a direct result of a negligent manufacturer you may be entitled to compensation. It may also trigger another recall that will protect others from suffering in the same way that you did.

Source:, “For Johnson & Johnson: Recalls Keep Piling Up,” Megan Foley, June 7, 2013

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