Anniversary ride to Philadelphia airport interrupted by crash

Thirty years of marriage don’t happen by accident, and one couple was ready to celebrate their anniversary in style. They had booked a Lincoln Town Car and were on their way to the Philadelphia International Airport to catch an early morning flight when a flatbed truck carrying construction equipment crashed into their car.

Half of the couple, the wife, died at the scene, the husband died later at the hospital. The driver of the flatbed truck was unhurt, and the limo driver sustained minor injuries from the car accident. The accident has left both widespread sadness and questions in its wake.

The accident reportedly occurred very early, around 5 a.m., when few of us expect much company on the roads. While the details of the car crash are still being investigated, there are many factors that could have played at part in this tragedy.

Was either one of the driver’s fatigued due to the early hour? Were they driving under the influence? Was the flatbed driver’s vision impaired because of the load he was carrying on his truck? Any of these scenarios involving negligence could be cause for a wrongful death suit by the couple’s family.

Life can change in a moment, and this case proves that grave reality. These kinds of accidents are nearly as common as they are tragic and need to be prevented. If officials find that negligence caused the fatal wreck, criminal and civil suits against the supposedly reckless party could send a message to him and the community that traffic safety is nothing to take lightly.


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