Amusement park ride turns deadly for child victim

Thousands of families take their children to amusement parks, boardwalks and carnivals each year for the entertaining thrill that they provide their children. Most parents expect that the rides at these parks are safe and will not harm their kids.

Unfortunately, according to NBC Philadelphia, that was not the case last weekend when an 11-year-old girl fell from a Ferris wheel. The accident took place in New Jersey and the young girl didn’t survive her injuries. At the present time, it is unknown whether a product liability or perhaps wrongful death lawsuit will be filed against the park owner.

Sources report that the victim was on a class field trip in Wildwood, a popular vacation and recreation spot located on the southeastern shore of New Jersey for people from Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The girl was riding in her Ferris wheel car alone when the ride began to move. When the girl’s car was approximately halfway around the wheel, the girl fell out of her car and landed in the area where other children were waiting to get on the ride. Park authorities have been unable to identify the cause of the accident. Witnesses reported that they did not see the girl acting unreasonably or moving about the Ferris wheel car. It is currently unknown whether there is a defect with the car or the ride itself or whether employees violated safety standards.

The ride was reportedly inspected in March, at which time, it was deemed safe for ordinary use. The park closed for a day out of respect for the deceased child and her family. The Ferris wheel is not currently running at the park.


NBC Philadelphia: “Girl, 11, Dies After Falling From Wildwood Ferris Wheel,” Karen Araiza and Dan Stamm, 4 Jun. 2011

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