9 Injured, 2 Killed in Tragic Car Crash in Pennsylvania

Many drivers know that it is easy to doze off while driving. For those who are fatigued while driving, the best course of action is to exit the roadways. One accident in Pennsylvania is believed to be an example of the potential tragic consequences of driving while drowsy. Police believe that the driver of a tractor-trailer fell asleep at the wheel, resulting in a car crash that killed two people and injured 9 others.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. one morning in November, a 50-year-old man was driving a tractor-trailer on a Pennsylvania roadway. Police claim that the man fell asleep, causing him to strike a car stopped at a traffic light. The tractor-trailer then reportedly crossed into oncoming traffic, pushing the first car, before striking several cars waiting to exit a Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot. Three cars and the tractor-trailer ended up smashed into a large sign.

Two people, a 23-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, died in the collision. Nine other people were injured. Because the accident was caught on surveillance video, charges were quickly filed against the driver of the tractor-trailer. He now faces multiple charges, including homicide and aggravated assault by vehicle. Alcohol is not believed to have been a factor in the accident.

There will likely be significant financial ramifications as a result of the car crash. In addition to their grief, the families of the deceased victims will have to cope with funeral expenses and loss of wages. Many people who have found themselves in a similar situation have sought financial relief in a civil courtroom. If it can be proved that this accident was caused by negligence on the behalf of the tractor-trailer driver — a claim that would be supported by a criminal conviction — the families could be awarded with monetary damages in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

Source: readingeagle.com, “DA: Truck driver fell asleep in fatal Route 222 accident,” Steven Henshaw, Nov. 20, 2014