15,000 lbs. of mislabeled pork product recalled by distributor

When product manufacturers work in conjunction with federal agencies to recall products from consumers in Philadelphia and throughout the rest of the country, it’s often in response to a consumer injury or death being attributed to the product’s use. Yet there are cases where manufacturers or federal oversight agencies discover a potential danger posed by a product on their own and issue a recall before any consumer complaints are filed or the dangerous drugs, foods, or toys actually causes harm.

Such is the case with a Nevada food distributor that has been mandated by the authorities to recall a pork nugget that they supplied to several of their clients. It was discovered that after a change in flour suppliers, the company had missed that several of the new products had gone out without warnings on the labels that the product contained wheat. In all, it’s believed that over 15,000 lbs. of product have been affected by this labeling error. Thus far, however, no cases of adverse effects to consumers have been reported.

In the end, it may cost manufacturers an extreme amount of revenue to recall one of their products. Those manufacturers typically hope that loss is the only one they end up having to face. Yet even with a product recall in place, they may still face liability issues if a consumer is harmed or damage is caused by the recalled product. Those who are the victims of a product’s mislabeling or malfunction may often be forced to cope with some serious problems. Anyone dealing with such problems may want to work with an attorney to pursue legal action against the manufacturers whose products caused them.

Source: MyNews3 Las Vegas KSNV “Feds order recall of Las Vegas-area pork product” June 27, 2014

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