100-Car Pileup on Pennsylvania Turnpike Leaves 30 Injured

Car accidents are rarely simple affairs. They often involve multiple cars, multiple stories, injuries, property damage and more. It is often up to police to sort out the complicated series of events to determine what happened and why.

This task may be extremely difficult for local investigators following a recent Pennsylvania car accident. In this case, a massive pileup occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike involving as many as 100 cars. Police are investigating the accident which they believe started with a 25-car pileup and chain reaction. At this point, police are speculating that drivers who were going too fast in the snowy, icy and windy conditions caused the initial accident to occur.

As a result of the chain of accidents, 30 people were hurt. The Red Cross had been called in to help those that had been stranded in the middle of the highway as a result of the accident.

Investigators now have their work cut out for them in trying to determine exactly how all these accidents occurred and who is responsible. At this point, it may be difficult to know for sure — especially with the large number of cars and commercial vehicles that were involved in the crashes.

Car accidents, such as this one, can have a major impact on those involved. While investigators are busy determining what happened, car accident victims can literally be fighting for their lives. Car accidents can leave people more than just scared, they can leave people with severe injuries that require long-term care. In some cases, people may never be able to return to normal life following an accident.

Financial compensation can, in some cases, help people get back to normal following a car crash by allowing people to seek the best rehabilitation available. Instead of worrying about missing work or paying bills, a civil suit can offer car accident victims peace of mind following a costly accident.

Source: WPVI, “Pennsylvania Turnpike pileup crash still under investigation,” Feb. 15, 2014

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