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The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Has Set Up a Fund to Financially Compensate Victims of Child Sexual Abuse by the Catholic Clergy

The Catholic Church has a long and storied history in Philadelphia. However, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office released a grand jury report in August 2018 highlighting the widespread sexual abuse of minors in the Catholic Church . This was the 3rd grand jury report released in Pennsylvania detailing this widespread travesty, but the present report dealt with all diocese outside of Philadelphia. Over 300 members of the Catholic clergy were accused of molesting more than 1,000 children since 1960. The grand jury report made national news and deeply disturbed Pennsylvania citizens.

Members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives took the action that was recommended by the Grand Jury and passed a child sexual abuse bill that gives victims more time to pursue civil action. The bill was sent over to the Pennsylvania Senate which needed to pass the bill so that it would become law in the Commonwealth. Regrettably, the Pennsylvania Senate took no action on the House Bill and let it die without even a vote. So at the moment, there is no law on the books that allows victims of clergy sexual abuse to bring a claim if their statute of limitations has run (over the age of 30).

Recently, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia announced its plans to establish a program designed to financially compensate victims whose cases are too old to be taken to court. At the moment, this program will be established in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Greensburg and Scranton, and each diocese has or will set up funds for victims to be compensated. Independent administrators will be assigned to handle the claims and determine how much money will go to each victim.

Our Philadelphia child sexual abuse attorneys are here to help all victims decide whether to make a claim to the Compensation Fund and help them with that claim or hold out hope that the legislature will pass a bill to open up a two-year window for the ability to take the Archdiocese and the perpetrators to court. We can help you determine a successful legal strategy to hold your abusers and their enablers accountable. If you need help and want answers, contact us today for a free consultation.

Studies Have Shown that Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder & Shower to Shower Contain Talc & Asbestos That Cause Ovarian Cancer in Women

For decades, Johnson & Johnson has marketed talcum powder to women as a safe to use feminine hygiene product. However, multiple studies have linked talcum powder to ovarian cancer in women who have a history of using the product on the genital area. Documents uncovered have shown that the powder contains talc, asbestos and heavy metals that increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Even worse, the companies that manufacture and sell talc-based products have known about these risks since at least the 1970s. Nevertheless, they have continued to market talcum powder to women and profit from talc sales year after year, never warning women of the danger.

Most notably, Johnson & Johnson is facing many product liability lawsuits concerning their Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower products. If you or a loved one have ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Shower to Shower, then you may be entitled to compensation through a talcum powder lawsuit. Our talcum powder lawyers are currently investigating these types of cancer claims. We can talk to you and review your situation to find out whether the powder use caused or contributed to your cancer. If you need help and some answers, then contact us today for a free consultation.


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