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Latest News About Police Brutality in Philadelphia

Our law firm has filed a lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia and three of its police officers in the wrongful shooting and death of Richard Ferretti. We represent the estate of Richard Paul Ferretti, who was 52 years old when he was shot and killed in his own neighborhood while searching for a place to park his minivan. This highly-publicized shooting rightfully sparked a public outcry, drawing attention to the pressing issue of police brutality in Philadelphia.

The attorneys at Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. are dedicated to our representation of the Ferretti family; we will not stop until we uncover the truth of what occurred and hold the responsible parties accountable for this injustice. Through this lawsuit, we also hope to advocate for change within the Philadelphia police force, so this type of tragedy will never befall another family.

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To overcome life’s toughest trials, you need determined, uncompromising advocacy.

If you or someone you care about has suffered a severe, life-changing injury, you need
legal advice. Our law firm focuses on complex, catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases,
the kinds of claims that no family should ever have to file. These accidents should never happen,
but when they do, you need lawyers who will investigate all aspects, explore all possibilities
and do their utmost to help you recover as much as possible.

$55.3 M
Largest auto defect award in PA history for defective seatbelt
Auto Defect
$11.2 M
Verdict for failure to diagnose
brain tumor

Medical Malpractice
$10 M
Ranks in the top 5 settlements against NYC
Motor Vehicle Accident
$265 M
Settlement in the Amtrak Train No. 188 Derailment
Train Accident

Our goal is nothing less than justice, always.

We cannot undo what has been done, but we are
committed to getting the answers you deserve.

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Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury



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Wrongful Death



Our mindset is different from other law firms.
We can help you reclaim hope for your future.

Not every law firm in the Philadelphia area is equipped to take on highly complex catastrophic personal injury cases.
More importantly, even fewer are willing to devote the extra time, effort and
expense necessary to secure the best possible outcome in these types of claims. We have the resources and
determination necessary to go the distance every time—even against well-funded, aggressive adversaries.

Our catastrophic personal injury lawyers prepare to win from the start.


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When a loved one is catastrophically injured, your first concern is to get the best medical care. But you should also get the best legal team as soon as possible. After my daughter was paralyzed in a van accident, I was referred to Eisenberg Rothweiler…the next morning, Fred Eisenberg and Dan Sherry flew up to the hospital.

– Al Piro

… It was a difficult time for my wife and me, but you always assured us that you would do your best to make life more comfortable for us in the future—and YOU CAME THROUGH. …We really appreciate all the time and research you put into our case. …You are more than our lawyers—you are our friends. As a former Vietnam Vet and Marine, I say to you "Semper Fi".

– Leo and Diane Leinheiser

Fred Eisenberg and his staff helped me through the most difficult time of my life. …Although no amount of money could bring my husband back to me, the settlement they negotiated eliminated the financial stress that his death placed on my children and I…I could not have chosen a more knowledgeable and caring group of people to represent me.

– Anonymous

Dan J., Josh and Fran,
More than four years ago my life and the life of my family was changed. … Then a good family friend brought me to your firm. …Because of you all I was given a voice and it was heard loud and clear. … We are now able to put this behind us and move forward. So Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

– Danaka and Mark Anderson

Stewart and Brian....You gave my father a chance to fight for his legal rights ....Your efforts have saved many patients from having to face the crippling injury that my father suffered. You did a wonderful, generous thing.

– Mark Pelligrini