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$55.3 M
Largest auto defect award in PA history for defective

Auto Defect
$11.2 M
Verdict for failure to diagnose
brain tumor

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$10 M
Ranks in the top 5 settlements against NYC
Motor Vehicle Accident
$265 M
Settlement in the Amtrak Train No. 188 Derailment
Train Accident

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Catastrophic Injury


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Wrongful Death


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The Boy Scouts of America Have Kept Hidden Files For Decades That Give Details to Child Sexual Abuse

Our law firm has represented victims of child sexual abuse against the Boy Scouts of America for years.  Our team of attorneys at Eisenberg Rothweiler and AbusedInScouting.Com are here to fiercely protect the rights of sexual abuse victims against The Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”).

The BSA is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States with over 2,500,000 active members.  BSA was chartered in 1910 by an act of Congress. An estimated 20% of American boys have had contact with scouting, either as members or by attending Scout functions.

Throughout its history, the BSA has consistently held itself out to the public as a “moral and safe” environment for boys to participate in healthy outdoor activities and to be given proper guidance and instruction. Millions of parents and scouts have placed their trust in the BSA.

Paradoxically, the BSA promotes the wholesomeness of its programs while knowing that since the 1940s, it has been secretly removing Scoutmasters for child sexual abuse at an alarming rate, which in the 1970s reached an average of one every three days. Its own records demonstrate that it has long known that Scouting attracts pedophiles in large numbers and that Scouts, far from being safe, are at the heightened risk of sexual abuse by child molesters.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have a history of failing to protect their scouts from sexual abuse at the hands of Scoutmasters.

The public should be aware that the BSA kept internal confidential files, commonly referred to as “The Perversion Files” for predatory scoutmasters but, for the most part, failed to turn these predators into the authorities.  Instead, the Perversion Files were secretly retained by the BSA and the scoutmasters have been quietly dismissed.

Their lack of accountability has left parents and scouts vulnerable to potential pedophile abuses. The BSA has the moral and legal responsibility to be honest about the issue and why the job characteristics of a scoutmaster can lead to an infiltration of pedophiles.

We will work to aggressively protect you and we will work to hold the BSA accountable for their actions.

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