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Could a Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Really Lead to Breast Removal?

Late last year, the 2013 story of a woman who unnecessarily had breast removal surgery because of a breast cancer misdiagnosis made the news. Per the report, mere weeks after she was informed that she had breast cancer and underwent surgery to remove her left breast, the woman was called to meet with her surgeon. During that meeting, her surgeon revealed to her that she had never had breast cancer and the breast removal surgery should not have happened. How Could This Have Happened? Reportedly, the breast cancer misdiagnosis happened as a result of an error with a biopsy that was submitted for testing after a routine mammogram. The pathologist that made the error was the same one who discovered and reported his own mistake. He was a senior pathologist with years of experience when he made the misdiagnosis. In addition, he was the dean of a medical school at…
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Is Operator Error to Blame for the Long Island Train Derailment?

Just as 2017 kicked off, there was yet another railroad accident. This time, a Long Island Rail Road train crashed into a bumping block in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal. The Long Island train derailment happened as the locomotive was pulling into the terminal. Per a CBS New York report, after the train hit the bumping block, it did not stop. Instead, it went over the bumping block, destroying it in the process, and crashed into a room on the terminal platform reserved for employees. The Long Island train derailment resulted in over 100 injuries. Reportedly, all the injuries were non-life-threatening. The speed limit heading into the Atlantic Terminal is 5 mph. Governor Cuomo said that the train was moving slowly as it approached the station. However, there are questions as to why the engineer did not stop the train. As of this writing, investigators were set to interview the train’s conductor,…
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How Did a Two-Year-Old Boy Save His Brother from a Falling Dresser?

A two-year-old boy in Utah had to come to his twin brother’s rescue recently when he was the victim of a falling dresser. While the two boys were playing, one of them tried to climb the dresser, causing it to tilt forward and fall. As the video below shows, that’s when the boy’s brother shot into action, pushing the dresser off his brother and freeing him. The boys’ parents released the footage to warn others to make sure the manufacturer has provided them with brackets or other devices they need to ensure the furniture in their homes is properly secured if they have small children.